We are extremely fortunate to have a Clink Cafe in our building in Canada House, Manchester. I get my morning coffee there and occasionally a bacon butty as well. 

The staff are all brilliant, upbeat, helpful and friendly. I don't highlight that as if it is exceptional to see in ex-prisoners: in my experience in it exceptional to see such good customer service in any cafe or fast food outlet. 

Governments have chuntered on for decades about reform & rehabilitation but still release prisoners into a world where they are likely to be jobless, often homeless and, other than bus fare home, utterly impecunious and then express disappointment when they re-offend. Even in this post-truth world one should not be permitted to create a vicious cycle and then complain of its existence. 

The food and service are very good indeed but it is the opportunity for individuals to move on, build a life and be happy that makes this a very special place to visit.