I came across an interesting statistic last week that British office workers spend 67 days a year sitting at their desks. In addition, a third of employees have had at least one day off sick in the last year, according to the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) – with almost half of workers claiming their problems are due to spending long periods of time sitting at their desks. So, what can be done, especially if your job is desk based? In her article, Anne Corder suggests a few tips for sitting properly and advises you ask your employer for a desk assessment to make sure you are sitting properly. 

At Jepson Holt, we all have desks which can be raised so you can work standing up, something I myself have tried on occasion. Anna Corder also suggested having a small glass of water on your desk and regularly taking sips from it.  Not only will this help you drink your recommended two liters of water per day but also means you will have to get up and walk to refill it from time to time.