There are countless books you can read on leadership, management, and general self improvement (ask Phil Jepson for recommendations). So often now when talking to candidates they want to know about 'the team' and its 'culture'. What they are really asking is what's the leadership like? 

So what makes a good boss? How can you be a better leader? Once you have built a team of people how do you get them to stay?

It was Gordon Tredgold's article that really struck a cord with me.  In it he talks about one simple difference between good and bad bosses, the key difference being how you respond to those around you when they offer and idea or solution to a problem. If you respond in a negative way and shoot people or their ideas down they wont feel valued. Eventually they may leave, or worse they may stay and you will end up being surrounded by people who have nothing to say and a toxic culture.

Value your people and encourage them to contribute to the success of your team.  

I recommend you read the article by Gordon Tredgold - One Bad Habit That Creates a Toxic Culture. It offers some simple advice from the best boss he ever worked for, you can find the extract below.