Sending more and more linkedin inmails and posting more and more adverts in an attempt to fill a role is often a very expensive and futile endeavour. Reporting internally that your contingent recruiters have nothing and that your direct candidate attraction efforts (usually replicating the work of the contingent recruiter) have not produced a candidate garners little sympathy or appreciation.  

Electing to commence a search does take a commitment of time and money and a degree of precision in defining the person requirement but it almost inevitably leads to a swifter hire with a far lower administrative burden on the internal staff or partners. In a search process the burden of delivery falls squarely on the search firm instructed! 

Jepson Holt are a highly specialist legal search firm with a 15 year history of delivery and success for our clients. Whether you are interested in initiating a retained search process or wish to understand more about how the process might work for you we are always happy to speak to you. Please do let us know if you feel we could assist.