While London continues to swelter things are a good deal cooler in the north; not just the weather but also the housing market and... life; life is a lot cooler in the north. Commutes are shorter and far less expensive. Food, booze, nights out and entertainment are a fraction of the London cost. Schools are world class and, you guessed it, not nearly as expensive.

Firms are opening offices in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and are at the same time cutting down on London office space – primarily to save money and modern technology means that the physical location in which work is done is irrelevant. London will always have a need for lawyers but the attractiveness of London to lawyers is in decline and the financial metrics of running a practice out of London often do not stack up for firms or their clients. 

Manchester is now the most “livable” city in the UK, see: https://bit.ly/2nHce32 and as someone who moved up to work in Manchester from London I can say with certainty that it offers all of the advantages of the capital with none of the disadvantages. Certainly, when it comes to housing £500,000 in London buys a shoebox and in Manchester it will buy a large and well maintained four-bedroom house with off-street parking and a big garden with a < 30 minute commute to the office.

Should you be interested in a move to the North or the Midlands please do get in touch and I will be only too happy to help. We are awash with instructions for Partners and Associates in corporate, banking, real estate, funds, private equity and capital markets!

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