As a recruiter, it is important that we ask questions of our clients so that we understand exactly the person required and precisely what is on offer to that person, once found. It is equally important that we ask lots of questions of prospective candidates: by knowing why a candidate would consider a role and what is important to them, you can ensure that both the candidate and client are on the same wavelength, that the process runs smoothly throughout and that the move / hire is successful.  

Richard Feynman, acclaimed physicist said, "We investigate for curiosity, because it is unknown. This unknown leads us to ask questions to something we think is worth understanding. Millions saw the apple fall from the tree, but Newton was the one who asked “why?”". At Jepson Holt we ask "why" not just "will you work for our client?" but why it makes sense that you should do so. 

We really do want to know what working environment you prefer, the nature of the clients you like to act for, your working routine etc. We need understand your financial and career ambitions in order to know whether these are likely to be met once you join our clientThere is no value at all in us trying to wedge you into a role you will not enjoy; firstly you would be unlikely to accept it if offered and secondly you would not stay in that role and help our clients grow their business.