We are a search business – almost by definition this means that we are working to fill roles that are very difficult indeed to fill. Our clients need someone with a very specific skill-set, often one which is in high demand meaning the people we contact are generally very busy.

Most of the time the response we gain to an approach is positive; by this I mean that even if the person contacted does not want to throw their hat into the ring we have a positive interaction with them and they understand what we are doing and why we approached them.

I am puzzled by one response that we encounter – the title of this post: "Please don't call me at my desk" often accompanied by a sense of horror that we have done so. Unless we have had prior contact with you and you have provided us with a mobile phone number we pretty much have to contact you at your desk – that is where you are contactable! We are always happy to speak early in the mornings, at lunchtimes and in the evening – we are very flexible but sadly not telepathic. We cannot have your mobile or home number unless you have given it to us and cannot know your response to the opportunity we present you with until we have spoken.

We know that it is very frustrating to get calls from inept recruiters offering you a commercial litigation position when you are a real estate lawyer. As a search business Jepson Holt does not make those calls – we have, with our clients identified you as someone the client would be interested in employing for a role you are qualified for. We understand if you would prefer to speak out of office hours and will do so but we hope you understand that when we make initial contact and it is when you are at your desk it is because that really is the only way to do it!

Sarah Fleming, Search Consultant

Jepson Holt