Need directions? Google Maps. Need to check your friends birthday? Facebook. Need to remember something? Notes.

With the technology that is currently available to us, it seems we no longer need to use our brains. Your smartphone makes tasks effortless. We no longer need to pull up at the side of the road, unfold a paper map, and work out our driving route; or get a pen and paper, and do our own calculations. Of course, with the convenience of our mobile devices, why would we? But as we no longer need our brain to engage in these types of tasks, is this making us stupid?

Mobile phones can have an effect on our ability to concentrate, sleep or even socialise, but studies by the University of Texas have found that the devices are actually reducing our intelligence. According to their research, even being in the same room as our phone is enough to distract us and make us underperform. By opting for the ease that technology offers, our brains are losing the talent for maintaining focus and deep thinking.

Relying on your phone instead of your brain is a lot like using your car instead of your legs, we reply on the technology that makes our lives easier, but we still need to ensure we have the ability to do things for ourselves.