When embarking on my choice of new industry, I had to make the decision as to whether to join a large recruitment firm or join and become a part of the collegiate, team in an SME.  Fortunately, I chose the latter and am truly thankful I did so. 

The reason for my decision was the benefit of the chance to carve a career (in a newly found industry) in a flexible environment.   

Key factors are:   


The larger the firm, the more protocols / procedures resulting in a cumbersome decision-making process in comparison to a smaller firm, where you can see it, implement and actually do it without getting the “big boys” at the top of the food chain involved.  


The smaller the firm, the more exposure an individual will receive from the Founders / Directors as mentors to learn and build from.  

Flexibility / Direction 

Small firms typically have more flexibility and autonomy and more opportunity to take the lead.