Capitalising on the decentralized nature of human activity Jepson Holt is launching a Blockchain empowered recruitment solution.  

ReBlock © captures the intrinsically shifting and dispersed nature of the employment market within our proprietary CryptoCV-Resumex heuristic "career capture" data-set.  

Continuously and iteratively reconciled against a real world matrix our CryptoCV-Resumex records are not stored in any location, meaning that the records are truly public to the extent that they exist and easily verifiable through "wet-wear" enabled visual parsing technology. Offering cutting-edge GDPR opacity our innovative technology cuts through governmental red tape by having no regard whatsoever for its existence.   

The ReBlock © Blockchain network exists in a state of self-doubt and therefore automatically checks in with itself every ten minutes ensuring that all errors are self-contained. This level of repetition and self-referencing ensures that all falsehoods are swiftly proven to be true: a kind of self-auditing, self-deluding ecosystem of digital values

We are in perfect consensus with ourselves permitting no informational discord and reducing the problem of manipulation to one of self-manipulation. 

To ensure trust in the model we have created an individual with a Japanese sounding name who does not in fact exist to be the imaginary architect of the system we do not have. We invite interested parties to invest in the ReBlock © platform: N.B. payments are only accepted in pounds sterling! 

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Jepson Holt is a legal search business; free from techno-waffle. We listen, we think, we work, we deliver and we are accountable to you.  


Mark Husband     

Tel: 0161 507 0093