As it turns out this does not work!

Nothing beats an ice-cold beer or a cheeky glass of wine after a long day in the office. For most of us this is a normal and relatively harmless (or beneficial depending on what “scientists say” at any given moment in time) part of our lives.

For some this form of relief becomes routine, escalates and results in a dependency on alcohol. Studies have shown (see that more than half of adults drink alcohol to cope with the everyday stresses of live: the trouble is that alcohol really does not help with stress at all; it momentarily masks the symptoms but the stress levels themselves never actually decrease and all too often they increase! Alcohol is a depressant; it depresses your natural functions meaning that you become less efficient, less productive and less happy – the cure becomes the disease.

According to researchers, stress causes changes in the brain, which can increase the risk of addictive behaviours. This is a vicious cycle the more you drink the more stressed you become the more stressed you become the more you drink…and so on.

Dealing with the stresses of life whether at work, home or elsewhere often seems like too much work. Taking time out to fix things that are broken makes it much easier to enjoy life and leaves you free to enjoy a drink because you fancy a drink and not because you “need one”.