As Mr Dury might have cautioned if he were writing today. 

We all bemoan political correctness at times – I certainly do – I have little or no patience for snowflakes who cannot learn of nasty things lest their delicate psyches get an owie but we should not confuse "Political Correctness gone mad" with serious criminal conduct: it is not political correctness to abhor sexual assault or economic coercion in the workplace or outside of it for that matter. 

The constant stream of stories of (usually) partners being ejected from their firms or resigning in advance of ejection can make is seem like there is a witch hunt underway; I don’t believe this is the case: the change in social environment has made it easier for people with legitimate complaints to express them and I hope that the recent spate of news stories represents a limited group of historic issues and that no more will arise because there will be no more such conduct.

The vast majority of the populace know instinctively what is appropriate for the workplace and what is not. There is nothing wrong in asking a colleague for a date providing that neither the question nor the answer have any impact on a person’s career and that a “no” is respected: see it is not complicated!

Of course assault and coercion will still happen and the #metoo movement cannot prevent it but the perpetrators now know that they cannot rely on a victim’s silence, a closing of ranks or an expensively drawn NDA to protect them; they are at risk, in danger and exposed at all times and for all time – let's see how they like it!