We have struggled to articulate our "Why". To followers of Simon Sinek this statement will immediately resonate. To those who are new to this concept I recommend a visit to his site or watching one of his YouTube videos

The premise is that three things define a business; What they do, sell or make; How they do it and Why they do it and that almost all businesses present themselves to the world in that order, so: 

"We sell cars; We have a network of showrooms and clever technology that ensures we can always get you the car you want; we do this because we like selling cars...do you want a car" 

Mr Sinek encourages businesses to reverse the order, or, as he puts it "Start with Why" so that how the business does what it does and what it makes or sells must be subordinate the message of why they do it. This changes the company's message to the world into:

 "We are mad about motors, crazy about cars and devoted to drivers; all that we do is aimed at giving you the best possible driving experience; which car would you like?" 

Faced with these messages on either side of the road I think that most of us would want to give our business to the company driven (no pun intended) by an ethos that is aligned to our interests. 

Why is the "Why" so important? One way to answer that is to reverse the question and look at why its absence is so damaging: if you do not know or cannot say what drives, motivates and excites you in what you do there is nothing for clients or staff to buy into; you are one of many selling cars and I may or may not buy a car from you but either outcome has little to do with you. 

Jepson Holt are a legal search business: clients retain us; we conduct a search process and, as a consequence, our clients gain the employees or partners they were seeking. Our success leads to our client’s growth and when our clients grow we grow – it is a virtuous cycle and we love it. We know why we love it; the work is interesting, challenging, helpful to our clients and sometimes transformative to the lives and careers of the individuals we work with. 

So that we are not thought to slavishly follow Mr Sinek's doctrine I will end with our Why:

At Jepson Holt we passionately believe that headhunting gives us and our clients more control and better outcomes than any other recruitment process. 

We believe that effective search creates a "win, win, win" virtuous cycle: when our clients win our candidates win and we win. We love this!

We are powered by brilliant research and technology and we deliver results time after time because we love doing it. 

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Mark Husband

Director, Jepson Holt 

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