I will be honest before I begin to write this that my own blogging productivity has dropped substantially this year, something that I am attempting to rectify. Hence the title of this article!

My first 6 months at my current firm was where I developed a passion for blogging, for expressing my opinion and highlighting issues and events that I wanted to share with my network. 

The truth is, blogging really is essential for any sales or marketing job. As mentioned below 'people buy from people'. If you are just a faceless voice on a phone or words on an email you can really lose the human aspect of your job. Essentially you are a human trying to help another human with a problem they want to fix, whether it be a client looking for a candidate or a candidate looking for a dream job.

Once your clients and candidates start reading your blogs they can get an essence of you and who you are as a person, what you agree with/disagree with and what you like and dislike. It creates a personal touch to your personal brand and also to the business that you are representing.