I was asked recently which I put first: company brand or personal brand and I strongly believe that personal brands must come first.

Firstly because, if you ask your employees to hold back from promoting what makes them unique, their ambitions, their skills, their passion and purpose - that employee is probably not going to stay with your business long term because you are burying their drivers and motivation for getting out of bed every morning. They will ultimately become demotivated and look for other employment to reignite their excitement in a job. 

Secondly, if you get your recruitment right in the first place, their personal brand will mirror the values and goals your business wants to achieve, so they will end up promoting your business at the same time they are promoting themselves and your brand image will benefit with little effort on your part. Like Victoria Secret, all you then need to do is put your employees on a stage and your brand will become known for the company who created and nurtured that talent.

 Therefore, make sure you are getting your recruitment right. Know the characteristics you are looking for in your people and don't stop looking just because you have an amazing team - no one who is amazing will stick around as long as you might want because what makes them amazing is also what makes them difficult to hang onto long term. Become known for finding and nurturing amazing talent and before long the talent will be knocking on your door rather than you having to spend money searching the market for talent.