I had never realised how amazing working out in your lunch hour could really be until my office was moved to above a Bannatyne's Health Club. Since then my whole lifestyle has changed.

Before this, I was constantly forcing myself to go to the gym in the evening and on weekends, the times when really I just wanted to get home or stay in bed and relax. Then you counter in late nights in the office, awful commutes and an increasingly busy social life and suddenly my ideal gym routine is non-existent. 

Now however, I find that not only do I have no excuses not to go to the gym, but I actually want to go. After sitting at my desk in front of the computer all morning, an hour sweating it in the gym is a great energy release. Then on top of that, a work out leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed, improving your focus for the rest of the day!

I agree with the article that planning is important. I tend to pick the classes I want to do for the whole week on a Sunday night, then there is no decision making to be made as to what I want to/need to do that day in the gym. I also find that 30-45 min classes are a great way to do an intense workout but still have time for a shower after. 

I have found that I have a newfound love for the gym. No longer is it an evening or weekend chore that I feel I have to just grin and bear. Now it is my lunch time treat and my chance to get out of the office for an hour. 

For the first time ever I actually look forward to and enjoy going to the gym!