I was really saddened when I read this article. Two women who should be celebrated for starting a movement to support female founders and really make a difference to women who want to start businesses, were made out to be unreliable amateurs who are letting female founders down.

I went straight past angry into pure disappointment that the Business Insider published such one-sided drivel. 

It is very obvious that all the quotes were obtained by people who had either been refused funding by Allbright or people who are clearly external to Albright and so don't have a clue.

Shock horror, Allbright haven't managed to raise £10 million in one year. They started the business because it is a fact that women find it harder to obtain funding from investors who are the majority of the time men. 

Who cares, how much they have raised and how quickly, surely it is the intent that matters. Plus they have actually helped women fund their businesses (6 in fact!) and are using their academy to develop these women. 

To me, it sounds like they have had a great first year. 

I really enjoyed Anna Jones' comment as well, although she doesn't refer directly to the article, I am pretty sure that is what she is referring to. She says:

"The friend who introduced Debbie and I said to me back when I’d walked away from the corner office: ‘you’ll have a year before they come for you’. I thought he was being dramatic, turns out it was an understatement.

We’ve had people briefing against us. Our fund isn't big enough (it isn't. Yet). We're all talk. We need to be brought down a peg or two. We're totty (yes, we were told this in a meeting). This is a charity project. There is no such thing as a great female entrepreneur. How many children do we have (in investor meetings)? What do our husbands do (Debs doesn't have one)?

And if it happens to us it can happen to any woman.

We are strong. We can drink a gin and tonic together and my partner can hit a punch bag (I prefer Pilates). Oh, and whilst all this has been going on Debbie sold Love Home Swap for $53m. She's like that. But we are also human and this stuff can hurt and men just don't have to deal with it in the same way.

We need to have the conversation. We need to be there for each other. We need more great men on our team and in our corner. We are ready for Year Two. We are AllBright. Bring it on..."

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