I recently was lucky enough to go to an event where a PT at ultimate performance explained about the myths of dieting and also about the importance of NEAT. And to be truthful I had never heard of it/thought of it before. 

We are all guilty of thinking that working out a few times a week means that we can forget about being active in any other way. The main thing that I am also guilty of is thinking that my healthy eating and gym trips during the week mean that I can eat/do whatever I want on the weekend and I will still lose weight. This was a shock to the system to realise that this was why my body was not changing no matter how low my calories intake was Monday to Friday or if I worked out 5 times in the week. The fact that I was eating my body weight in pizza over the weekend was counteracting this. That is one thing that I and many people need to address if they want to lose weight.

However, NEAT is a really good way of helping to add a little bit more to your daily routine to keep your calories burning throughout the day. I never realised that that 20-minute walk to work and back, the trips up and down the stairs each day and doing an active food shop can really make so much difference. I am one of the unlucky few who has a job that does require me to be at a desk for 8/9 hours a day, however, that doesn't mean that I have to be sedentary all of that time. There are many solutions to this problem, for example having a wireless headset which means you can walk around the office whilst on the phone, that is what I currently have but until this week I never realised that I could use it to burn some extra cals. Also instead of the 10-minute coffee break, take a 10-minute walk around the block, or walk somewhere to grab a coffee (Pret do 99p coffees so it won't break the bank). Take the stairs, not the lift, seems obvious, yes, but I am guilty of taking the lift up two flights of stairs. 

This is just a very brief overview of the very very interesting information in this article. But it is worth a read if you are wondering why you are not losing weight even though you feel you are doing all of the right things.