Since my last career move I have become greatly interested and also concerned about this issue. 

The truth is when women go on maternity leave the business doesn't stop moving forward whilst they are gone, so when they get back they have to focus their time on catching up with developments and advancements of the business before they can even consider promotion. This is severely detrimental to a woman's career. As a woman in her late 20's this stage in my life is getting closer and closer and it greatly upsets me that I might have to sacrifice my career goals!

I really like the idea of a structured return to work programme that helps women to integrate back into a business in order to be able to re-enter their career where they left it. This I believe should be an integral part of every business, to make sure that when women leave to take on the biggest job of their lives, there career will be waiting for them to jump back into, letting them carry on aiming for the same goals that they wanted before they left.