Of course this is only one study, but it's interesting nonetheless, that women can "lean-in" as much as they want to but may still be less likely to reach senior positions than men because of gender biases. 

As this study shows, men and women can behave the same but it is the response to these behaviours that are limiting women.

I also like that this study has a "what can companies do section" and specifically the comment on a company's attitude to workload and providing better support to working parents, so that they don't feel like they have to choose between work and family. 

Similarly, it seems that a lot of companies aren't using hard data to combat their gender inequality problems. Businesses should be factoring improving gender equality into their budgets so that they can hire experts and purchase the technology which allows them to actually measure what is happening in their businesses and use the data to firstly identify the problem and then plan for solutions which bring about change.