I was lucky enough to be invited to an event through 4ever Manchester where I was able to listen to one of the amazing and inspirational women who spend their days helping migrant women in need.

Before I listened to this speech I had no idea that this was such an issue and it shocked and upset me a great deal. To be in a country that isn't your home surrounded by people you do not know is hard enough, but then to suffer abuse at the hands of those who should care is absolutely horrific. But the real shock was when I realised that these innocent women and girls could receive no protection or assistance from our government as they weren't eligible to funding. Without Safety 4 Sisters many women would have been forced to either return to the abuse or take their chances on the streets. 

Admittedly they can't help everyone yet, but this is an amazing start to tackle a wide spread issue that is left unheard in modern society.