What is interesting about this article is that it contradicts everything we have ever been told about what helps us to concentrate in the workplace.  I would never have thought daydreaming, a messy desk and office games would constitute a productive office. 

The funny thing is that I agree with most of it. We aren't robots and we cant be expected to sit at our desks for 8/9 hours straight focusing on one thing without letting our minds wander onto other things. 

I find that the more pressure I have to stay focused the harder it is to focus for a long time. Letting my mind wander every now and again lets my brain refresh ready to focus on the next task. The main thing is to be self-disciplined enough to make sure you can bring your head back down to earth! 

I am also lucky enough to work in an office where we are provided with office yoga once a week during work hours. This helps our minds and bodies relax after a long day/week at work. It is also a way of the team coming together! 'Those that bend together end together'.

However, the best part of this article is being told that science says coffee is good! Yes I agree that you can't rely on it for everything, but to help us be more productive and concentrate for longer, yes it can certainly do that!

Maybe you cant take all of this at face value but it is certainly worth a read.