When the MEN decided to write an extensive piece around my High Flying Women confidence and Imposter Syndrome event, I realised the true extent to which Imposter Syndrome and self doubt impacts business professionals, both women and men.

Therefore, I wanted to dig a little deeper and have spent the last month exploring research, talking to professionals, as well as looking at my own experiences of it.

I have since written my thoughts up in a blog post on the High Flying Women website. 

What I found is that Imposter Syndrome is extremely complex and it crosses over philosophical, scientific and anecdotal boundaries. 

Although I have written this piece which introduces my research and thought process, it barely scratches the surface. 

I will certainly carry on exploring Imposter Syndrome in my own selfish quest to detach it from my life... so I'll keep you updated! Hopefully I can help you detach that monster from your own back as well.