If you need convincing of the power of advertising, go watch that episode where Derren Brown uses advertising to convince one of his test subjects to attempt an armed robbery (an amazing episode I recommend finding on youtube!). 

It is becoming more and more evident that advertising, marketing and the media in general has insane amounts of control over our minds and our beliefs. They have formed a bubble of "social norms" in which we all now live and it's very tricky to allow your mind to break free and pop this totally negative and unhealthy bubble.

We expect those in public services such as the NHS and the police to uphold certain levels of integrity - yet the corporate world isn't held to the same standard, when in fact, they serve the public just as much.

There's the saying: "Don't believe everything you read." But to a certain extent, people do and it blows my mind how the media and big brands have been able to get away with printing and advertising utter nonsense for so long. 

The media, advertising and marketing industries actually have the power right now to make gender equality and diversity the norm - if only they wanted to.