Type B, apparently. From the list of options, I fall into Type B for every one of them, except for when it comes to choosing either a black coffee or a "Chai creme frappe, extra whip with caramel", in that case always the latter.

The idea behind it isn't quite simple as your personality fits into either this category or that category. The broader picture starts splitting Type A's and Type B's into further categories and explains how people can be some of both.

At Jepson Holt, we recently all took part in a comprehensive behavioural profiling analysis (I'm still not exactly sure why yet other than sheer amusement). The results for each individual were quite fascinating and it was really interesting how you could probably make a correct assumption about what somebody's report would say about them.

It isn't an exact science and of course not everything in those reports are going to be correct, however, they were surprisingly accurate.

There's no right or wrong to the outcome of these reports, but they can be useful, in particular for small businesses to have a better understanding of how to unlock and optimise their employees' true potential.