It's ironic really - but it is proven that the more successful you become, the more likely you are to distance yourself from your achievements. 

We do this so we don't get "caught out." We feel undeserving of the success we are experiencing and are worried that the spot light being shone on us is only going to reveal our flaws.

Whatever you do, don't feel like you're alone. Men and women of all ages commonly experience this feeling of self doubt and it effects us all in different ways and to different extremities - from feeling insecure and routinely checking work for mistakes, right up to not applying for promotions or not beginning projects for fear of failing. 

This article talks through some practical steps you can take to begin to work through your Imposter Syndrome. However, in the more extreme cases, it is probably worth investing in a Life Coach of some sort. 

I am happy to recommend somebody if you do feel debilitated by your Imposter Syndrome. I have a couple of very experienced coaches in my network who can genuinely help.

High Flying Women are also running a Confidence and Imposter Syndrome workshop in June which will be a good taster. So please do get in touch if this is for you.