With March being designated as 'Women's History Month' it does seem that Women are rallying more than ever before.

With this in mind and International Women's Day around the corner, I think all Women need to take a second to reflect on what we've achieved personally in our own lives and as a collective. 

For me personally, I am so proud of the women of Manchester. As soon as you enter Albert Square you immediately notice a big banner advertising Manchester's International Women's festival and the hashtag #StrongMcrWomen. With several events running throughout March, now is the time to get together and support each other.

I am also very proud of the High Flying Women. Professional women, both senior and junior who are willing to donate their time, experiences and knowledge to empower each other, united for a common goal - to encourage a sustainable pipeline of female business leaders for the future of gender equality in professional services.

High Flying Women are also recruiting. If you're interested in being a High Flying Woman, please contact me at bethan.jepson@jepsonholt.com