I totally agree with this article. Our education system is prioritising the wrong things. 

It is no coincidence that as a whole, British people are rubbish at languages, don't understand politics, don't prioritise the environment and put each other in awful stereotypes subconsciously.

While our children are perfecting their hand writing and spelling, the world around them is changing and evolving. It's no wonder that the fastest rate of increase in depression is among young people. They have no understanding of themselves or the world around them.

I think that subjects such as phycology, sociology, politics, environmental sciences and languages should all be mandatory in school. I also think there should be more of a focus on creativity and idea generation over knowledge, as Tom Goodwin suggests in this Linkedin post.

The concept of Free Schools seemed so outrageous a few years go, but now they should definitely be seen as an opportunity to really educate our kids.