For many, climate change is not a priority. That is because people in the Western world live in a privileged and comfortable bubble. They understand the logic and believe that climate change is real, however they struggle to understand how it will impact their lives.

However, for the rest of the world, lives are already being changed by climate change. Dry periods are becoming longer, monsoons are becoming less predictable and flooding is becoming a regular occurrence.

These conditions are making it incredibly difficult for every day families in developing countries to grow food. I have seen this first hand in Kenya when I volunteered out there last year. I spoke to farmers, many of them women (as the men tended to fish rather than farm) and they will tell you the ways in which their climate has notably changed.

I doubt Donald Trump or other climate change sceptics have experienced these conversations from their privileged, western bubbles: "His current stance on the environment poses an existential threat to us all."