This is a nice light hearted reflection on working from home (WFH). I have "WFH" for around 7 years now, all be it I am currently serving more time in the office currently as we grow the business. 

More and more lawyers are being attracted to offers of remote working but what are the risks? Forget the easy to overcome distractions of TV and children / stay at home partners I find the bigger side effect is guilt.

Every act you undertake that is not spent directly conducting work reforms inside you as guilt.  I overcome this by simply reflecting on the time saved each day from "WFH", 3 hours of commuting time I have saved that day, the walk to the store to get my lunch that etas up 40 minutes a day, the spontaneous discussions in the office that absorb volumes of time. 

The article talks about the worst thing about "WFH" is the lack of company and I agree.

Break the day by allowing yourself 1 hour to work out or venture outside, remember that "WFH" in most cases means laptop and internet, I often work from the garden on a nice day. It is amazing how productive you can be with your time with no distractions. 

Enjoy Working From Home !