This article in the Lawyer highlights all that is wrong with todays society.

For a woman to preach to other women that they are automatically disadvantaged because of their gender, and that it is not enough to just be good at your job. Quite frankly, this article is just as sexist as the law firm environment that is described.

As a career consultant, surely the advice should be, 'if you feel repressed and discriminated against because of your gender, then the best thing for your career and for your sanity, is to move firms.' 

I appreciate that this article is aiming to provide women with a solution, however supplying a 'tricks of the trade' method of advice does not solve any problems for women. It is the 21st century, women should not have to play games and put on fake personas in order to progress.

Or am I too optimistic for thinking that women are just as capable as men at proving they are worthy of promotions?