I followed with interest the 2 day Vanderbilt Law School event “Watson, Esq.: Will Your Next Lawyer Be a Machine?” on Twitter (search #VandyLawAI on Twitter for full coverage) which took place on 13th and 14th April.

Speakers at the event included Richard Susskind, Andrew Arruda, Dan Katz and our VP North America, Andy Daws, amongst others.

As technology and AI transforms the legal market there are more articles coming out in which people fear that Virtual Assistants and other legal tech tools will replace the lawyers of tomorrow. Virtual Assistants are tools to assist lawyers. They are there to help make lawyers and businesses more efficient.

One tweet during the talk by Andrew Arruda of ROSS particularly highlights this point:

'research hours written off X average associate hourly rate= $60,856 annually over $1mm for team of 20 associates' @rossintel#VandyLawAI

As a business and as a lawyer why would you not embrace tools to help your team be more effective? Not only will you become more efficient, you will be pushing your team higher up the value curve. These tools are enablers. They are assisting lawyers. 

Virtual Assistants and legal technology is something that should embraced and not feared.