Partners in law firms are now spending more hours in the office than previous years. Pressure placed upon fee-earning and business development, as well as the threat of the 'big four' accountancy legal teams could be the cause. This means partners are now on average spending 6.5 weeks a year more in the office than 2 years ago. 

However, the overall number of hours lawyers spend in the office has dropped from 49.2 per week to 48.2 per week. An increase in hot-desking and other means of flexitime, along with utilising technology to make the office mobile helps to reduce overall hours stuck in the office.

Perhaps most interestingly is that junior lawyers, usually the work-horses looking to impress, are also spending fewer hours than previous years, down from 47.4 to 46.8 hours per week. 

The research also found accountants spend much less time overall in the office than lawyers, with 43 hours per week.